Mount a GoPro on your vehicle

Record video of your roads and highways. Mount your GoPro Hero on the bonnet or bull bar of your vehicle. Ideal setup is mounted on front centre of the vehicle, angled 45 degrees to the road, enough memory for 1-5hrs of video and GPS Enabled.

Easy to set up

Login to the Visimagic platform using your Google account, upload your videos and the Visimagic Road Defect Detection System will process your video and mark the defects on the video and generate a report with defect location.

Pick your Plan

Our plans are affordable and suit every business size. Choose the one that suits you the most.
30 days
Upload 100gb
Unlimited Videos
Business/Local Govt
500gb upload/download
Unlimited Videos
1 Live Video Feed
Corporate/Govt Dept
1tb upload/download
Unlimited Videos
20 Live Video Feeds
Download Geolocation Data
Unlimited upload/download
Unlimited Videos/Feeds
Geolocation Data
Composite Images for processing Infringements or reports
Tasks completed Successfully